Make Your Home Healthier and Beautiful With Hardwood Flooring

For so many reasons, hardwood flooring has become the preferred flooring choice among consumers. Whether youre considering installing new wood flooring or refinishing existing hardwoods, do yourself a favor: call the experts at Atlas Wood Floors, Inc.

You’ll Be Impressed with how hardwood flooring enhances indoor spaces.

Atlas Wood Floors is the consumers first choice for hardwood sales, installation, and refinishing. When it comes to interior spaces, floor coverings can dramatically improve a rooms look, comfort, and ambiance. For consumers seeking both great looks and a smart investment, theres no better choice than hardwood flooring. For superior refinishing and installation services, an outstanding selection, and reasonable prices, Atlas Wood Floors, Inc. tops the list of specialists.

According to Michael Thompson, owner of Atlas Wood Floors,

Consumers have recognized that hardwoods not only add elegance and beauty to a home,
but also help create healthier indoor environments.

Why Are Hardwood Floors So Nice?

Hardwood floors resist the microscopic allergens  pet dander, pollen, mites and mold  that carpeting traps. Whats more, solid hardwood floors are a more eco-friendly option. Unlike carpeting that typically lasts eight to 10 years, a hardwood floor is a renewable source that lasts a lifetime.

Atlas Wood Floors, the areas leading hardwood floor specialist, will make your current home your dream home. Atlas Wood Floors offers a range of flooring options, from oak, bamboo, and cork to engineered, laminate, and all other species of hardwood flooring, and will recommend the product that will best meet your needs, decorating preferences, lifestyle, and budget.

Treat yourself to the superior services of this professional. For a free estimate on new installations and refinishing,

call Atlas Wood Floors, Inc. at 301-948-WOOD(9663)

Existing hardwood floors get the royal treatment from Atlas Wood Floors refinishing craftsman.  Even floors seasoned with years of stains and scratches look lustrous and beautiful again.  Key to the superior quality of Atlas Wood Floors is detail in preparing work areas.

Projecting nails are set; loose boards, secured; and damaged boards replaced.  Finally, surfaces are sanded  even along the edges  to remove scratches and in-grained dirt.  A final finish is applied with care to enhance the woods grain and color and provide long-lasting protection.

New installations get the same professional treatment.  Replacing worn carpeting with lustrous hardwoods totally transforms a room, adding warmth and style.  Atlas Wood Floors offers varied wood products from popular manufacturers, at prices customers love.


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